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Boiler Not Working?

A boiler breakdown can be a challenging time for many Calgarians, especially in the wintertime. The boiler in your home is a closed vessel that contains fluid (generally water) that is heated. Boilers provide radiant heat, which warms objects in a room. In contrast, a forced-air furnace heats the air throughout a room.

Often times throughout the winter months these boilers are under stress providing heat for the home. If the boiler is not regularly inspected then problems tend to arise just like other mechanical components in a home.

Due to the fact that you are dealing with natural gas, it’s best to have a licensed plumber come to inspect your boiler and advise on a boiler repair or maintenance solution to ensure your home stays warm and the boiler continues to operate efficiently.

In most cases, a simple boiler repair may be the most cost-effective solution to get you back into a warm home however, if the boiler is old, out of warranty, or operating at a potentially dangerous level then a boiler replacement may be recommended. Call us today and we will dispatch one of our friendly plumbers to inspect your boiler at some of the best rates in Calgary and offer the solution. 

Save between $100 and $200 on in-house boiler repair estimates in Calgary. Some companies charge $150+ for an in-house estimate. Our experts will come to you for only $25.00.


1) Contact Our Plumbers

Schedule an appointment and we will dispatch a licensed plumber to your location for only $25.00. Depending on the service, sometimes estimates can be given over the phone.

2) Diagnosis & Estimate

We diagnose the situation and provide a solution. An estimate is provided on the spot and the plumbing service can typically be completed on the same visit.

3) Enjoy Peace of Mind

Our licensed plumbers complete the service so you can rest assured that the work was done by top industry professionals backed by our Plumbing Service and Plumbing Code Guarantee.

$25.00 Service Call Fee.

Common Boiler Repair Problems

Low Boiler Pressure

If your boiler switches itself off, the central heating makes banging sounds or the upstairs radiators furthest from the boiler stop heating. These are tell-tale signs that you may need to have a licensed plumbing and heating professional come to inspect the boiler.

Frozen Pipes

If a pipe has become frozen then the boiler itself may make gurgling sounds as you try to use it. Oftentimes, the boiler will not fire up. If the temperate outside has been particularly cold like it often is in Calgary then this might be the culprit.

A Problem with the Thermostat or Boiler Settings.

Sometimes in the event of a power outage, the setting of the boiler may reset. We have also seen this happen simply by someone accidentally knocking a panel. Always double-check and adjust the settings. If your boiler does not come on when it should, doesn’t fire up, or is displaying error messages or a blank screen, these may be signs that a plumbing professional may need to come in and inspect the boiler.


The Boiler Pilot Light has Gone Out

If there is no visible pilot light on your boiler and the boiler will not turn on then there maybe a couple of problems. If you are comfortable, you can attempt to reignite the pilot light. If you smell any gas or notice any warning signs please do not attempt to do this and call us to come and inspect the boiler to ensure it is operating safely and is free from any leaks. 

The Boiler Locks out and Needs Resetting

On many boilers, there is a lock our red light. If this red light on the boiler keeps coming on, the boiler displays an error message, or the boiler will not turn on then the boiler may need to be reset.

You can take a look in the boiler owner’s manual on how to reset the boiler or call us and we will happily help you through the process and advise if we need to send someone out to further diagnose the issue. 


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Our Calgary Plumbing Service Guarantee

At Official Plumbing and Heating, we pride ourselves on being honest hardworking professionals. We do our very best to respect you and your home or business while delivering an enhanced experience through our residential and commercial plumbing and heating services in Calgary.


All of our staff are accompanied by a master or journeyman plumber so you can rest assured that the plumbing or heating work done is completed by certified, competent, and experienced professionals.

Plumbing Code and Safety Guarantee

Every job that our plumbers complete at Official Plumbing and Heating comes with a Plumbing Code & Safety Guarantee. All equipment, materials, and service provided meets or exceeds the plumbing and heating codes in Calgary.


All necessary permits will be acquired in house by us and all proper plumbing or heating inspections will be completed. We ensure 100% compliance with the Alberta Plumbing Codes and Standards on every project we work on.

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We dispatch one of our friendly licensed plumbers to your Calgary home for only $25.00.

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I called Official Plumbing & Heating for the first time yesterday at 7:30 am. Hadn't realized how early it was so hung up and was going to call back. five minutes later I got a call back from "Bill" who quickly set up an appointment for 8:00 am next day. Bill was on time for appointment, quickly diagnosed my plumbing problem, and rather than having to wait for new sink Fawcett, Bill drove and picked one up and installed same day. Price was fair, service was excellent. Would recommend Bill to friends & family and will call him again whenever I require a plumber. If you want to verify please email me at [email protected] Don F
Don French
Don French
16:00 05 Jun 20
This is the second time I have used Official Plumbing and Heating. I found the sevice and the work to be outstanding. I would recommend Official to anybody looking for plumbing and heating services.
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Christopher Sadler
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I've had Official out to do several jobs and have always found them to be incredibly professional and well-priced. No surprises, and no mess left behind. Official definitely is the 'go-to' for all my plumbing needs.
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Russell Gelfand
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Installed gas line for barbecue. Provided clear and concise estimate. Pulled city permit during COVID restrictions and made sure it was fulfilled. Kept me up to speed on progress and ensured permit was approved. Would definitely use Official in the future. Quality workmanship.
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Duane Brown
18:10 30 Apr 20
Excellent service. Very fast, friendly and best pricing I could find. I would highly recommend these guys!
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01:38 01 Nov 17

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