Extreme winters in Calgary can create havoc with our plumbing and heating systems. If you do not prepare, you could find yourself without any water or worse! Possibly being left with a large repair bill as well. In this post, we will run you through a few tips and pointers that will help you to keep your plumbing healthy until spring.

Insulating your pipes

Insulating pipes is one of the most obvious ways to maintain your plumbing during the winter months. Insulating will help to stop your pipes from freezing, which could save you from bad leaks. This can also help to keep the hot water flowing freely in the system, which means you will have a more efficient hot water supply.

Checking for leaks

Leaking pipes are your plumbing’s worst enemy during the winter months. If a pipe is leaking, even a little bit, the water coming through the pipe is likely to freeze once the temperatures drop. The formation of ice will cause a lot of pressure on the pipe, and it will almost certainly burst. This could cause you a lot of hassle and cost a lot of money to fix. To avoid this, you should inspect your pipes before the winter and have a professional plumber fix any leaks you find asap.

Turning off outside faucets

You will need to completely turn off and drain any outdoor faucets for the winter months. The temperatures outside are far too cold to leave water in the system and doing so will almost certainly leave you with a burst pipe when you try to use them again in spring. You should also remove any hoses from the faucets and store them indoors. The materials used to make them are not designed to withstand extreme winter temperatures.

Following these simple steps could save you a lot of hassle and money during the winter months. Don’t forget to check back regularly for more plumbing tips and advice.