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Furnace Not Working?

Due to the harsh winters us Calgarians face every year, furnace issues tend to arise during the beginning of the cold season. This year is no exception. In fact, some experts are saying we are in for a “colder than usual” winter.

Nothing is worse than being in a cold home with a broken furnace waiting days for repair services or even worse; paying devastating emergency call-out fees for a furnace repair that could have been easily caught and repaired through a simple inspection.

As this winter approaches in Calgary, we understand the importance of ensuring your family stays warm during the cold months ahead. If you’re concerned about the condition of your furnace, its best to have it inspected today before an emergency call-out is necessary. Contact us today to book your furnace inspection. Stay warm this winter and keep your furnace working efficiently!

Save between $100 and $200 on in-house plumbing estimates in Calgary. Some companies charge $150+ for an in-house estimate. Our experts will come to you for only $25.00.


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Our licensed plumbers complete the service so you can rest assured that the work was done by top industry professionals backed by our Plumbing Service and Plumbing Code Guarantee.

Official Plumbing Furnace FAQ

How much does a new furnace cost in Calgary?
The average cost of a reputable new high-efficiency furnace in Calgary is $4,000 to $7,500 (installed). This cost can depend on the type of furnace you purchase, the cost of installation, and where it is located within the house.
Should I repair or replace my furnace?
If you’ve had the same system for over 15 years and are now finding that you require maintenance every month this is a solid indicator that you may need to install a replacement. You may also need to purchase a new heating system if you find that repair costs are increasing with each new repair. Once a furnace has reached its life expectancy it is common for future maintenance to be more severe and frequent.

That being said, if your noticing frequent breakdowns in even a newer furnace this could mean that it requires replacement and that there are deficiencies. If your newer system has needed two or three repairs over the past year this may be cause for concern.

How many years should a furnace last?
A well-maintained furnace can last between 15 to 20 years; however, with regular annual maintenance your system’s lifespan can be expanded even longer. By applying a warranty to your heating system you can further ensure peace of mind by knowing that some costs or a full replacement may be covered in the event you run into a fauly system.
Can an old furnace make you sick?
Many people don’t commonly consider the adverse health effects caused by an old furnace; however, the inconveniences and dangers are very real. Dust, pollen, and other allergens can collect through the ductwork in spring and summer and when you turn on your heating in the fall those particles can then come rushing into your lungs. You may even be breathing in mold and dust accumulated over time given you haven’t changed out the systems air filters.
Can a furnace explode?
It is highly unlikely for a gas heater to explode. Modern gas furnaces are held to a very high safety standard and if there was a danger in such an event happening, a gas furnace will turn off as it is designed to do. You are far more at risk of starting a house fire by running an electric space heater as opposed to gas.
Are old furnaces dangerous?
Old furnaces can be the cause of a variety of household issues. It can cost you financial stress by having to frequently repair the system. An old furnace can also cause breathing problems due to a build-up of dust and allergens in the ductwork. Old furnaces also pose a fire hazard in the event there is a gas leak.

The greatest hazard caused by running an old furnace is carbon monoxide. You can determine whether or not your furnace is balanced and safe by observing the pilot light and its color. A blue light indicates that the gases inside are perfectly balanced. A yellow light indicates that your system is malfunctioning and that the gases are no longer equal. This can be extremely dangerous and must be looked at immediately.

Is a loud furnace dangerous?

Hearing a bump in the night can be a frightening experience. It can be a relief to discover that the odd pop, clicks, and bumps are being caused by your furnace. But you may not want to breathe a sigh of relief. There are a few noises that can signify a serious issue with your system…

Loud Bang or Boom: If you hear a loud sound like a gunshot when you turn on your furnace you may be dealing with a gas-build up. This could crack the heat-exchanger and the damage could be costly and dangerous. In the event this happens turn off the system immediately and call a professional.

Metal Against Metal: If you hear loud cracking or clanking noises you may have an issue with your furnace’s blower wheel and the blower fan may now be hitting the house casing after coming loose. If the blower wheel/fan is not too damaged then repairs should be quick and easy; however, if you do comes across this you should turn off your system immediately to avoid any further damage.

Rattling: This sound can indicate a loose screw or panel in your furnace. After turning the power off, you may try tightening the panel with a screwdriver to remedy the noise. If there isn’t a screw loose this may be indicative of a more serious problem such as a crack in your heat exchanger. A faulty heat exchanger can leak dangerous and potentially lethal carbon monoxide.

Rumbling: This sound normally indicates that the furnace hasn’t been maintained in a while. This may mean that the gas burners are dirty or that a pilot light needs to be adjusted. The furnace light should be blue to indicate a clean and efficient burn. If it is yellow or any color other than blue then you should contact your HVAC contractor.

How do you know if your furnace is dying?

A furnace can have a lifespan of approximately 15 to 20 years. While regular annual maintenance will aid in extending the longevity of your system there are some signs to watch out for when determining your furnace needs to be replaced.

Increased Heating Bills: If your heating bills have drastically increased over time this is a sure sign your heater is at its end. Replacing an old and faulty furnace ultimately saves you money through energy efficiency.

Frequent Repairs: If you have had to repair your furnace more than twice in the past year and those repairs cost more than half of the price of getting a new furnace then consider getting a replacement.

Unusual Noises: There should be no substantial noise coming from your furnace once it’s turned on. rattling, popping or banging noises are more common as these systems near the end of their life. Excessive noise often means that your furnace is overworking to try and heat your home.

Lack of Heating: Your home may not reach its desired temperature. Some rooms are much warmer or colder than others, or you may find you have to adjust the thermostat often. This lack of air flow can be caused by a faulty thermocouple or pilot light.

Signs of Carbon Monoxide: If your furnace is producing this toxic gas you may see streaks of soot around the system, along with moisture on the windows and walls or rusting in flue pipes. Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous, odorless, and lethal. If you notice any of these signs, leave your house immediately and call your utility company to turn off the gas.

Health Problems: Due to the collection of dust and allergens caused by an old furnace you may run the risk of acquiring allergies, a dry nose, or dry throat. Often times adverse reactions to dust, mold, or dander can be linked back to the furnace.

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Warning Signs of a Failing Furnace

Age of the Furnace

A furnace will typically last between 10 and 20 years. In Calgary, we tend to be more on the low side of that number. On your furnace reaches the age of 10 years, it is critical to pay close attention to abnormal functions and ensure the unit is operating in good order.

Your furnace should have a tag that shows the installation date. We recommend checking your furnace tag every season and keeping up on maintenance. 

Cold Air Coming from the Furnace

At the start of winter months, we see many furnace blower fan malfunctions. Due to a lack of power from wear and tear, the fan tends to not blow enough warm air throughout the home. 

If your furnace isn’t blowing warm air, there may be an issue with the pilot light or the heat exchanger. This is something qualified plumbing and heating professional will need to take a look at to see if there is a need for repair. 

Strange Noises from the Furnace

Hearing pops and squeaks coming from a furnace unit is a telltale sign that something may be wrong and the unit might need repair. A certified technician and inspect the furnace and diagnose the issue. Something may have come loose and could cause further damage, have this issue inspected immediately by a trusted local plumber like us. 


  Increased Heating Bill

One common issue we hear from Calgary homeowners is an increase in their heating bill but have not changed their routine in heating the house. This is a sign that the furnace may be close to failing and a new furnace may need to be installed.

If the furnace isn’t efficient enough to heat your Calgary home as quickly as it did when it was new, it may run longer, use more energy, and cost you significantly more money.

Yellow Pilot Light on Furnace

On a natural gas furnace, the pilot light should always be blue. If the light is yellow you may be in danger. A yellow pilot light means that the furnace could be leaking carbon monoxide.

Some other signs may include bad smells, condensation, rust, or a terrible smell of rotten eggs. Call an HVAC specialist immediately if you experience any of these issues. 

Excess Dust from Home Vents

Your furnace takes air from outside, filters it, and then circulates it through your home. Furnaces older than ten years may have a more difficult time filtering this air. Changing your furnace filter is something that should be done on a regular basis and is typically done every 3 months. 

Keep in mind that the ductwork and blower fan are apart of this process and they too can fail due to the lack of filter changes and through simple wear and tear through the life of a furnace depending on usage. 

If you notice an excess of dust, call a certified technician.


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