Cold weather is far more dangerous than hot weather – 20 times more likely to kill, in fact. British scientists analyzed 74 million deaths over 27 years and discovered that while 311,000 people suffered heat-related deaths, 5.4 million died from cold. The cold contributes to serious illnesses that affect your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Your furnace is literally protecting your life. That’s why there’s nothing worse than facing issues with your heating equipment. If you’re in an emergency situation, try these DIY tips before you call your technician.

1. Dust to Dust

Dust can clog up your heating equipment and be a death sentence. If you’re having problems, check out the area around the blower. You can use a vacuum to suck dust out. Examine the fan as well. Use your vacuum again to clean the blades, and even get in there with a toothbrush to be thorough. If you’re feeling especially mechanical, look for the oil ports around the motor of your heating equipment. These can dry up over time, so adding a few drops of non-detergent motor oil can really help to keep everything working smoothly. If you’re still having issues, it’s time to call a professional.

2. Running On Empty?

If your heating equipment isn’t blowing enough warm air, first check for any blockages. There are tons of things in any household that can get in the way. Still nothing? Check your settings – are they turned to “heat”? Is the fan on? Try turning it up a few degrees and waiting a few minutes to see if there’s any change. If that didn’t work, check your vents to make sure they’re open. Then, check the filter to make sure it’s not dirty. If it is, replace it! No luck? Again, it’s time to call a local expert like Official Plumbing & Heating.

3. Technical Troubleshooting

If you’re not getting anything at all out of your furnace, it’s time to up your DIY skills. Is it set to heat? I’m sure it is, but double check. Now, check the circuit breaker for your unit and make sure the fuse isn’t blown. If it is, you’ll need to replace it. If not, try flipping it on and off to make sure it isn’t just tripped. Here’s a handy-dandy guide to replacing circuit breaker fuses without having to call an electrical contractor. It’s not as hard as it sounds! If you’re still having trouble, look for a reset button somewhere around your furnace’s motor. You can try hitting that twice, but if there’s still no change, the problem most likely lies elsewhere. At this point, your do-it-yourself options are pretty much tapped. Yes, it’s time to call a professional.

Here for Your Heating Equipment Issues

There’s a certain point, however, where you’ve got to throw in the towel and reach out to a local professional. Official Plumbing & Heating has been servicing Calgary domestically and commercially for over ten years. Whether it’s your water lines, furnace, or water heater, get in touch and let us provide you with affordable and reliable services that include a warranty!